On March 24, 2010, the California Emergency Management Agency (CEMA) conducted a "Live Code Tsunami Warning Communications Test" in Del Norte, Humboldt and Mendocino Counties between Sonoma and the Oregon border. This "live" test included radio and TV broadcasts triggered by the Emergency Alert System (EAS), land-based sirens and reverse 911 phone calls. This test also included a Civil Air Patrol (CAP) plane from Oregon equipped with a Power Sonix PSAIR12 public address system (our smallest system). When the post-test survey was tallied, "...52% reported that their primary means of notification during the test was the CAP Speaker System (i.e. Power Sonix). Thus, the message from the aircraft outperformed the (entire) EAS system..." as well as the sirens and the reverse 911 calls!

James D. Goltz, Ph.D.
Earthquake and Tsunami Program Manager
California Emergency Management Agency

View the CEMA report to the CAP here.
Email the CAP pilot, Scott Bakker here.

Flooding from a tsunamiFlooding damage after a tsunamiCity-wide disaster

Before the devastation of a tsunami reaches your shores, you might have a short window of opportunity... a chance to warn as many people as possible along your coastline, a chance to move millions to safety. Does your nation, your state, your county or your city have the technology to get the message out effectively? Will a typical siren get people moving to higher ground or send them scrambling to their basements and bathtubs thinking it's a tornado warning?

Pilots using Power SonixPower Sonix attached to a planePower Sonix attached to a helicopter

There is no more effective way to deliver a clear tsunami speech alert to a coastal population than an airborne PA from Power Sonix. Take a lesson from the recent California Tsunami test and invest in the technology that WILL REACH AND INFORM your coastal inhabitants. Outfit your fixed-wing and rotary aircraft with Power Sonix. That's just what Indonesia did for their State Police helicopter fleet after the December 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami. The CEMA test proves how well this tactic works. The Power Sonix system will be also be invaluable in the aftermath of a disaster for SAR, relocation, traffic control, looting control, relief effort communications, etc. as there will likely be a power and telecommunications outage in affected areas.

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