In 1992, Chelton Group, a division of British conglomerate Cobham Plc, acquired Canadian firm Northern Airborne Technologies (NAT) and has since and moved NATís operations to the Wulfsberg Electronics facilities in Prescott, AZ, USA. We are very familiar with the NAT product line of public address equipment. The founders of Power Sonix designed, engineered and built those products in the 1990ís when they were employed with Applied Electro Mechanics (AEM). NAT purchased the assets of AEM from the widow of its founder in 1997 and added AEMís prducts to their avionics product line. Since then, as Power Sonix, we have improved upon the performance and efficiency of those older technologies while NAT/Cobham still builds and sells our old first generation design. Is it any wonder that savvy military and law enforcement aviators around the world are making the switch to Power Sonix?

Power Sonix PSAIR22 vs NAT TS92-004/PA700/VR33-002

PSAIR22 Components

PSAIR22 vs NAT TS92-004This combination of advantages (less cost, less weight, less space, more power) is exactly what was needed to make airborne public address an effective tactical reality. Once Power Sonix demonstrated these advantages for police aviators, the switch was on. From San Diego to LA, Miami, Dallas, Tokyo, Beijing, Jakarta, Manchester and Moscow, the PSAIR22 has replaced outdated and ineffective NAT loudhailers. View our testimonials here.


Power Sonix PSAIR12 vs NAT TS92-002/PA250/VR33-001

PSAIR22 ComponentsPSAIR12 Amplifier

PSAIR12 vs NAT TS92-002Even our single horn system has incredible advantages over a 2-horn system from NAT/Cobham. The 300 watt PSAIR12 has proven exceptionally effective on lightweight helicopters and single-engine, fixed-wing airplanes. Note that the acoustic power delivered through the speakers on the PSAIR12 is about the same as the 4-speaker system from NAT shown in the first comparison! Click here to learn more about the PSAIR12 used on board the Oregon Civil Air Patrol planes for search & rescue and tsunami alerts.

NOTES: 1) For both systems, it is assumed there is a 3V loss across the bridge of the amplifier. 2) NAT specs per published Cobham product bulletins. 3) US Domestic MSRP per published and quoted systems from authorized agents. International savings % may be different due to international pricing, shipping, taxes and duties applied. 4) Northern Airborne Technologies, Chelton and Cobham are registered marks of their respective legal entities.

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