Power Sonix, Inc. was formed in 1997 by former employees of Applied Electro Mechanics following its dissolution. Located just 75 miles northwest of Washington D.C in Martinsburg, West Virginia, our skilled sound engineers and production management team carry on a 50-year tradition of innovation in light weight, high-power, high-intelligibility speech projection for air, land and sea.

Our engineers pioneered the first lightweight 100-watt speaker driver back in 1995 that revolutionized airborne and backpack loudspeaker systems. Today, our newest technologies provide even more power for the clearest speech projection over long distances available anywhere in the world.

Power Sonix is committed to constantly improving high-powered sound technologies for military and civilian authorities to use in homeland defense and emergency first response applications. We are all about using sound, especially speech, to save and preserve lives.

Over the years we have provided high-powered loudspeaker systems to the U.S. armed forces, many foreign governments as well as federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. The applications for our products include emergency response, military operations, weather alert networks, disaster management, crowd control, criminal/suspect apprehension, drug interdiction, search and rescue,airport bird scare, base and facility broadcast, and coastal tsunami alert.

We offer consulting and customized public address and loudspeaker solutions in addition to our core product offering. Please contact us to see how Power Sonix technologies can improve your long distance speech communications capabilities.

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