AHD1200 Mission Payloads

Tilt-only model
(helicopter installations)

Pan and tilt model
(vehicle and naval installations)

AHD1200 on Blackhawk

The AHD1200S base plate mounts quickly to the floor of the Sikorsky Black Hawk and other large helicopters. The power, efficiency and intelligibility of Power Sonix enables effective public address from big helicopters with twin engines and high noise signatures.

Now military, police and National Guard units can have a mission-specifc airborne PA system at their fngertips without any electrical or audio connections to the aircraft. Just mount and go. A pair of fully charged batteries will provide up to 4 hours of continuous speech projection.

The AHD1200 can be mounted to virtually any fat surface on mid-to-large helicopters, armored vehicles and ships. The most compact, most effective all-inclusive and self-contained PA system available. And it's quickly redeployed between any of your air, land or sea assets as circumstances warrant.

AHD1200 Types Payloads

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