Plane with PA system attached The rescue operators

Captain Scott Bakker of the Oregon Wing, Civil Air Patrol (CAP) has been instrumental in demonstrating the effective use of Power Sonix loudspeakers from fixed wing aircraft. Capt. Bakker has used the PSAIR12 in successful SAR missions and in tsunami alert tests along the pacific coast and Hawaii with fantastic results.

You can read more about the amazing effectiveness of Power Sonix fixed-wing systems for tsunami warnings on our Tsunami Application page. And you can read about the way Capt. Bakker used the PSAIR12 to broadcast the voice of a missing child’s grandmother to give her instructions and provide the strength to act so that ground searchers could locate her on our SAR Application page.

Fixed wing aircraft usually fly at higher speeds than helicopters but that doesn’t mean you can’t project speech from a plane. Slower cruising speeds matched with the high-powered, broad cone of intelligible sound blasting from Power Sonix speakers allow listeners on the ground to easily hear messages up to 25 seconds long at any given location. So whether your plane is flying straight down the coast to warn of a coming tsunami threat, flying a grid pattern for SAR, or circling over a specific targeted area, you’ll have the power and clarity to speak directly to the people who need to hear your life-saving messages.

Every law enforcement and CAP plane should be equipped with Power Sonix loudspeakers. For coastal states, there is no more effective way to get out a tsunami warning. 52% of the observers surveyed after the 2010 California Emergency Management Agency test of the Tsunami Emergency Alert System reported that their primary means of being notified about the tsunami was the Power Sonix PSAIR12 broadcasting from Capt. Bakker’s Cessna. If you can clearly and quickly warn over 50% of your coastal population with our technology, and do it more effectively than TV, radio, reverse 911 and even land-based sirens, shouldn’t you be finding ways to get this technology implemented into your emergency plan and onto your aircraft and vehicles? How will you explain it when the county, state or country next door had it to save lives... but you didn't?

The fixed-wing PA systems available from Power Sonix are the same as the helicopter systems. As you can see from the photos above, there will be numerous ways to mount the system on aircraft. The size and placement of the solution will depend upon the size of your plane (from single engine to C130), the nature of the missions, the altitudes at which the plane will fly those missions, and available space on the aircraft for mounting. Contact your agent or Power Sonix to get technical guidance as you design the system implementation plan for your aircraft.

Airborne PA Modules


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Airborne Selection Chart

Please note that Power Sonix systems are confgurable as:

  • Recessed or External (Recessed systems, denoted by "A", have amplifer(s) in a separate enclosure while External systems house amplifer(s) in the speaker array enclosure).
  • As Standard Power or Power-Boosted. Power-Boosted, denoted with "+", adds a DC-DC converter to provide maximum power.
  • With or without (without is Standard) a built-in Remote Control function (denoted as "R") to interface with existing audio panels such as the Technisonic A710 or A711. To learn more about your audio controller options, click here.

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