Airborne PA System on Helicopter

"I may sound like I'm a rep for Power Sonix when you read this, but I'm not. We had some old (NAT) PAs in our old aircraft that sounded like Charlie Brown's mother talking ("Wah wah wah"). And that was at 300 feet AGL and 20 knots. We fgured that making PA announcements were some of (the) riskiest missions we performed because we had to fly so low and slow for people to understand what we were saying. When we replaced the aircraft we also replaced the (NAT) PAs with Power Sonix.

I cannot begin to tell you how much better they work when we use them. We now make PA announcements at 800 feet AGL at 50 knots and people hear us clearly and at signifcant distances. Very impressive systems and well worth the money. Kev"

Posted to ALEA forum, Friday, June 19, 2009 by Kevin Means, San Diego Police Aviation Unit, Former President of ALEA

Airborne PA Systems Under HelicopterLanding Gear Mounted UnitAirborne PA Systems Under Helicopter
Airborne PA Modules


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Airborne Selection Chart

Please note that Power Sonix systems are confgurable as:

  • Recessed or External (Recessed systems, denoted by "A", have amplifer(s) in a separate enclosure while External systems house amplifer(s) in the speaker array enclosure).
  • As Standard Power or Power-Boosted. Power-Boosted, denoted with "+", adds a DC-DC converter to provide
    maximum power.
  • With or without (without is Standard) a built-in Remote Control function (denoted as "R") to interface with existing audio panels such as the Technisonic A710 or A711. To learn more about your audio controller options, click here.

Click here for a comparison of Power Sonix and NAT systems

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